A short film by Fabio Moreno.

Spanish version

Mystery and psychological terror

Written and directed by Fabio Moreno.

A girl wakes up where nobody can hear her, she doesn't remember how she arrived there, she doesn't know what to do and she doesn't know if she is alone.

How 'Silence' was made

A script without title

The first version if the script has dialogue. The girl murmurs to herself or screams furiously. After some analysis, it became was not necessary to tell the story. Until the finished version it wasn't obviuos: "Silence is the natural form of the narrative of the story". That why the short film was called 'Silence'.


The storyboard was drawn by Fabio Moreno, during this process, the music from "The Shining" was used in an attempt to capture some of its atmosphere.

Making of

The recording took three days, During this period the crew worked and slept in a old orphanage abandoned since 1980s. The building, with rooms full of old beds, dark corridors and paints of childrens don't ivite to you to explore it.

Poster and Crew

Following are the two version of the short's poster. One of them is the official one and the other is an animated version for internet and social network sharing.
Both were disigned by Fabio Moreno.

Girl ... Alejandra Liébana.
Shadow ... Borja Martínez.
Direction ... Fabio Moreno
1er Direction ... Hector Cobacho
Sound ... Javier Zumer
Cinematography ... Fabio Moreno
Making of pictures ... Paula Morales
Antonio Muñoz
Dolores Jiménez
Cayetano Moreno