Official Selection

In 2014 'Time has come' was chosen for be part of the Official Selection in The Film Noir Festival of Vincennes

Little bit more than two minutes

The story is short and was recorded to be 1:30 minutes long. It's a principal rule by Film Noir of Vincennes Festival. Even so the last one director version is two minutes long.

Step by step

Script, pre-production and production as well the later edition, was a director work.

Time has come

Manuel Barcena
Ramón Dávila
Fco. Javier Marín
Carmen Barcena
Alberto Ramírez

Technician crew:
Directed and filmography: Fabio Moreno
Sound: Paula Morales
Making of pics: Jonathan Cerezuela
Camera assistant: Julio Vega
Script: Johnny Moreno
Editor: Fabio Moreno

Making of pics

An express filming. Single day and one evening, at home. Between friends and some beers.