Projects and collaborations

La Peste

"The Plague", Movistar+ original series.
Seville, 16th century. During a terrible plague epidemic, the corpses of several murdered people are found, as an omen of the end of the world.

Participation as subtitute Second Assistant Camera.

Problemas de Guión

The short film is about those moments in which circumstances seem to have passed over the ideas and feelings. A short film directed by Bernabé Bulnes and interpreted by actors of the Interpretation Laboratory of Sebastián Haro.

Participation as 1st AC / Focus Puller.


A film by Emilio Ruiz Barrachina and producer by Dark Steel. Based on Federico García Lorca's play of the same name.

Participation as 1st AC / Focus Puller.

Deep Shock

Deep Shock is a short film that mixes thriller atmospheres with horror story. It's directed by Davide Melini.

Participation as 1st ACs / Focus Puller.

Santiago Apostol

A film directed by Alan Coto, with Juan Carlos Lazo as DOF. The movie is based on the life of the apostle Santiago

Participation as 1st ACs / Focus Puller.


A short film directed by Davide Melini. It's about violence in the home and childhood.

Participation as 1st ACs / Focus Puller.

Own Projects

El Devenir de Juan Luis

"The Path of Juan Luis" is a short film directed by Fabio Moreno and based on the story written by Gonzalo Almengló.

  • Coming soon...

The shortfilm is a look inside of a forgotten man. He has no family, no home, without future o a past.
He doens't exist. His name is Juan Luis..

This 25 minutes medium-length film tries to be honest and true, without artifices.

Official Website →


Short film written and directed by Fabio Moreno

  • Best Andalusian Short-film Award 2014.
  • Offitial Selection V FIBABC 2014.
  • Offitial Selection Visionaria 2015.
  • Offitial Selection S.O.T.M. July Online Films Festival 2015.
  • Offitial Selection International EUROFILM Festival 2015.
  • Offitial Selection Frame by Sound Festival 2015.

"Silence" is the first own proyect. A short about the fear of the dark, the fear of solitude and the fear of dark company.
The story was inspired by the place in which the film was recorded. "Mar Azul" (Blue Sea) is a cleric orphanage for girls, closed since 1980. During the three days a seven crew worked and slept in its rooms with old beds, dark corners, disturbing statues and paintings of children and an eerie silence.

Official Website →


"Candela" is a short film with a marked social character about a teenager who doesn't want to facethe reality of the situation in which she finds herself.

Participation as 1st ACs / Focus Puller.

El Mate de Morphy

Film directed and produced by Joaquín Ortega set in the Second World War during 1940s, full of action, suspense and conspiratorial plots around the high commands of the Nazi army.

Participation as camera operator.

El sendero en el bosque

A online serial by Walpurgis Pictures and directed by Héctor Cobacho.

Participation as camera operator.

Oscuridad Eterna

A remake directed by Juan Pablo Cózar, based on "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" by Charlie Kaufman.

Participation as camera operator.

Tarde de Puercos

A remake directed by Samuel Márquez based on one of the scenes of Clerks, by Kevin Smith.

Participation as camera operator.

Así que pasen cien años

The film by Mau Cardoso is about the friendship of three children during the Spanish Civil War. After the war finished they suffer under the Franco's dictatorship.

Participation as first assistant director.

Llegó la hora

A short film written and recorded by Fabio Moreno for the Film Noir Festival of Vincennes, where it was selected for Official Selection.

  • Official Selection in Film Noir Festival of Vincennes

This short was recorded only on one day with friends and some beers.

Official Website →


A animation piece made to hand-drawing. Drawing and story by Fabio Moreno.

  • Serial Pilot.
  • 9 episodes
  • 60 seconds each

A robots city, nobody know the truth but everyone have a piece of the story.
Replibot is a concept that hasn't been completed.
Not having made an animation before, this was a chanllange I had set myself.

Official Website →

Old Machine

"Old Machine" is an experimental music video where the objects are still and they are affected by light and the shadows dance.

Cinematographer of this piece.

La última chica sobre la tierra

It's an online serial about human extinction and the solitude of the human being.

Participation as script supervisor.


This is the first short film by Juanjo Palomeque, an action thriller.

Participation as 1st ACs / Focus Puller.

Hasta la última gota

This short film was made for the Mombasa Contest and was directed by Pablito More.

Participation as camera operator.

El acantilado de Stone Town

This short film was written for the Mombasa contest. It's was written, recorded and edited in two weeks by Paula Morales and myself.

Flama Project

"Flama Project" was a student work about my internship in Wroclaw (Poland) over three months

Produced, recorded and edited during these three months.

About me

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Filmmaker and Storyteller

I was born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Spain) and I'm passionate about the process of film creation. I trained in audiovisual production at "IES La Granja" in 2010, and since then I have been an unconditional admirer of the images that tell stories, the subtext and the meticulous preparation of the shot and its meaning.

"To tell stories that reach beyond the eyes and create experiences".
In addition to participating in others people projects, I have also been able to produce my own stories; 'Silencio' was my first short film and winner of the First Prize for Best Short at the Andalusian contest 'Desencaja 2014', as well as several official selections.
In addition to the projects already finished, with their own particularities and experiences, I hope that some more will arrive that deserve to be shot.

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